Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tickling my creativity bone

Allison (from Curvy Girl Chic) was looking for a new header for her blog... so it being after midnight and me being extremely bored and rolling with my chronic insomnia... i took on the challenge :) she always uses crystal renn in her header so i thought i'd just continue that theme and then used some really curvy and delicate text with a few swirlys added here and there... here were the outcomes... and for really quick stuff... i'm very fond of them :) so thats why im sharing... if any of you guys need a new/different (fairly simple) header for your blog (or any other personal sites) and are not really handy with photo editors (and/or don't have the time) feel free to hit me up if u like what u see :) i'll totally make u one for free.

(obviously they're a bit larger than this lolz)



  1. oo I love them. Do you have the original of the first picture? It's gorgeous!

  2. i like the second one ... very cool! and ummmm izzzaaa! i need a new header! shooot.

  3. These really are amazing!!! If you have time, can you make one that isn't Crystal Renn...? I have one of Christina Hendricks up right now cause I'm getting kind of bored of Ms. Renn... only temporary but still. Seeing her photo everyday is starting to irk me a just little bit, lol!

    If it helps save time, I can send you the original photo I have of Christina! :D (That is, only if you don't mind making one more!)

    Let me know hun--sorry I didn't tell you about not using Renn! =/

  4. great job Iza!! I like the 1st & last one best! I may have to do a header for me too!

  5. I love them all! I may need to contract u to do one for me :)

  6. THANKS to all for the great feedback :D u like me! you reaaaaally like meeeeeeeeh! hahahaha well my headers at least :P

    @Stephanie- thank ya! and i just sent you the unedited original of the first one ;)

    @BBM- thanks sweetie! hey just lemme know a basic idea of what u want... and i'll have one done for u ina jiffy :)

    @Allison- it was my pleasure :) i told u it doesn't take very long lolz i knocked out those 4 in like 30 mins, its the finding photos that fit into header space that takes time lolz and go ahead and send me whichever one u want me to use!

    @Cid- thanks Cid! :) i like the photo in the 1st 1 best but i love the way i could get the letters to curve around her body in the other 3 ;) and like i told BBM just lemme kno wut u want and i'll gladly bust 1 out for u too :D

    @Gabi- thanks mama! shoot! go for it :) lolz

  7. These are great! I just may have to take you up on your offer. :)

  8. These are amazing! The first and third ones are my favs!

  9. thank u thank u Amanda & Kemi :) im real serious guys... if u want a header and just don't have the time/skills... i will totally make 1 for u :) all i ask is for a quick shoutout on ur blog if u DO use it ;)

    - Iza