Thursday, April 15, 2010

i have super powers

just wanted to share my OOTD. as far as the actual day went, nothing too exciting... had a doctor's appointment that, if you follow me on twitter, you know i was very nervous about lolz but it turned out well... then dinner with my mommy at one of those old nostalgia chinese restaurants... they open at 5pm and only had one little old chinese grandma waitress... good food though... and as much as i KNOW i should have said no to the carbs... i ordered the chow fun :(... i swear... if theres anything i can't say no to... its a noodle lolz (and my BAE<3)

[blue floral tube dress - Ross, cream short sleeve cover up - Nordstrom Rack, belt - thrifted]

i see a lot of ladies rockin the belt over cardigans/cover ups so i decided to try it (ahem, after a failed attempt at wearing my carrot pants :( i just didn't manage my time right lolz don't ask!) anywho nothin too snazzy i also wore an old thrifted almost antique looking wooden bangle (sorry, too lazy to photograph lolz), cream colored pearl earrings, and my large teardrop stone ring

no one is usually around or at home to take my photos so me and my timer on my camera are like BFF to the max! lolz... and that middle one was when i was putting it on something and accidentally took a photo... then when i went over the photos, when i went back and forth between the last 2 it looked like i was going invisible then un-invisible cuz the background was just spot on... made me giggle heh... so i decided to share my simple giggle with u guys :)


hopefully tomorrow will be quite a bit more exciting ;D


  1. cute! :D love the print on the dress!

  2. The dress is so cute and the belt. I swear I need to invest in more print dresses.

  3. dude .... ure freakin hillarious ... ure a super powered girl whose extra ka-yoote! ;-)

  4. prettines <3 I love the who belt over the cardigan lool, it's really cute!

  5. haha, you crack me up! love the outfit and your super cute photos! :D