Friday, April 16, 2010

project runway bummer (SPOILER)

i was hoping that the talented Filipino guy was gonna make it to show his collection at Bryant Park... but he just got booted tonight :(... for that monochromatic old lady collection lolz (sorry im blatantly hating)

bye bye Jay 
[yeah, thats a potato sack... like, literally!]

i guess we're still stuck with Manny...

lolz... and NO i am not hating on the Pac Man... ahem... he woulda wooped the money outta Floyd :P

i just think we need a different representative for our culture... perhaps a stylish one?



  1. Wow, I missed project runway, I don't have cable (Im broke remember) so thanks for the spoiler. I plan to run over to my parents house and catch it on on demand.

    Anyhoo, not sure if you received this yet or not but I just awarded you a beautiful blogger award. You can check my site out for the details. Nothing special just a nice acknowledgment of beautiful bloggers.

  2. pak---yawww all the way girl! lol!

    "i would like to thankss my familieess, my countriess, and the presidentss of the pilipiness..."

    lol! LOVE him!

  3. Ah me & my man were so bummed that Jay got the boot! I did like his designs, well he made it pretty far so he will do good! I'm down with the Filipino love! LOL

  4. I don't know if my comment went through, but let's try this again:

    I was online shopping and saw this ring that reminded me of your recent post. eh, it's got a little more edge to it.
    here is the link:

  5. @Literal Gemini- i'm sorry girl! i edited it so it says "spoiler" now lolz... don't worry i didn't ruin much else... and btw if u go on they have all the episodes and u can just watch them online :)

    @BBM- lmao me too!

    @Cid- hahaha... aw thats cute that u and ur honey watch together :)

    @Linda- thanks so much girl! those are super cute!