Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i hate to admit it...

but i've actually found a romper... that i... like ;x

[Aztec romper from Torrid]

AND it's on sale! the trend gods are trying to tell me something...

but will i listen?!



  1. Super cute! two great trend in one:)

  2. @Gabi- i kno rite! i still dont know about rompers tho... it has to look fly as hell on me b4 ima think about buying it lolz :P

    @Nik- yes it is! i didn't see it in store when i hit the mall on friday tho :(

    @JR- the romper?! or the girl? lolz weenie... and y does it say ur name is JR... Marc? haha

  3. the Girl of course :), n it says JR cuz i also go by Junior or jay