Thursday, April 8, 2010

too hot to even yearn for

i love sky high heels and stilettos and other fabulous shoe creations on my feet.............

when im sitting down that is... i don't really do moving in them very well lolz... so even though i can barely walk in them most times, i cannot deny the fact that they are some of the most instant feel good creations ever put on the earth... i mean... who... man or woman, young or old, gay or straight, earthling or alien... would not feel like a muther fucking fabulous beast in these?!?!

so i picture myself sitting ona plush, velvet, merlot colored chaise like the damn queen of sheba with these babies just dangling off my feet :)


shoes from Gregory's and only a cool $2,795.00 :|


  1. only 3 grand? ha! think i can handle that ... lol!

  2. hey i love ur blog! We have the same style!!!! I just found it! reminds me of mine! lol! check me out lets follow each other..couldnt hurt ;)

    tia! :)

  3. LOL BBM!
    Yes these are fab to the max!

  4. I totally agree i cannot wear heels for a long time but damn i love the way they look when you wear them! And wow those heels are gorgeous!!

  5. lmao! For that bargainous price, I think I'll join you

  6. ummm grab two pairs of those while you're at it...size 11 please and thank you. i'll figure out how to walk in em cause that heel does not look big girl friendly...but we can prop our feet up on our dudes lap as they feed us strawberries and grapes!