Monday, April 26, 2010

old navy, old navy, old navy performance fleece!

i miss the old... old navy commercials lolz

anywho picked up a few things from old navy yesterday. its been sooo long since i've bought anything there but i was quite happy with my purchases, especially since they were all on sale ;)

but first i must start off with something thats always bothered me the most about being plus sized... i've never really focused too much on "oh all the cute clothes are in straight sizes" "i WISH this fit me" yadda yadda... i figure if it doesnt come in my size... or in a size that fits me, its not meant to be! so i don't dwell on those things at all... but something that has always bothered me when it comes to plus sized fashion is how a majority of the time we have to rely on STRETCH. rather than making things in our size with real fabric... they just make everything stretchy! which really makes me feel more fashionably limited than anything else could... i want clothes that fall on my body and accentuate it properly and when taken off of my body look like they're actually made for someone MY size!... rather than clothes that want to suffocate and encase my body as if it were some kind of sausage meat :( and when i take it off all i see are spandex on the tag, stretchy panels, those ties to create a shape, ruching and a shape that u usually have to tell yourself "oh it stretches, then that'll fit me" BLAH! i hate it lolz and honestly i can't explain why... i guess i just want our clothes to be made with the care and tailoring that straight sized clothes are made with... with darts and seams and zippers in the back or side... ::sigh:: (don't get me wrong guys, there are certain pieces that, of course, are made specifically to stretch. those are not the ones i'm referring to here)

anyways, to get back on track lolz, i wanted to share all this because i got an amazing top yesterday at old navy... it looks like just another one of those racer back tanks with the little pocket on one side... but its actually made of polyester so NO STRETCH... and it fits me amazingly :) it just really made me happy the way it moves and just sits on my body! buying this shirt and trying it on really reminded me how much i hate the concept of stretch lolz

[white polyester tank - $4.99 (sale)]

[orange-y/peach racer back tank - $4.97 (sale)]

[flared, striped, cotton skirt - $10.99 (sale)]

nothing too special but i can't wait to wear all of these when the weather settles into summer :)



  1. love the skirt!!! I love old navy! I get some super cute non stretchy pieces from there!

  2. I love that skirt. I need to go hunting for that or one similar to it before summer starts! I live so far away from old navy though

  3. I love Old Navy! I have gotten some crazy cheap deals there lately! Cute skirt!

  4. Old navy has the best clearance prices ever!

  5. basics are special! and love the skirt and dude, u so rule in finding the best deals out there!