Wednesday, April 14, 2010

security blanket

(written yesterday 4/13/10)

over the last couple of years... i've gained back a lot of the weight that i spent my late high school and early "free from high school" years losing (you know the years when you were too busy fucking around/partying/abusing your car for the first time/living care free/etc. to eat properly or even eat at all)... and because of this, the last couple of years i've turned to empire waisted tunics as sort of my security blankets when i felt extra large in the belly zone and didn't feel like wearing any of the other fun things in my closet :(... this plaid top happens to be one of them... thats why when i look at it i kind of look at it like its an inferior piece of clothing... because all i've usually used it for for the past few years was as a semi-trendy thing to wear when i felt like a (sorry) fat bum :(

anyways... i guess i'm saying all this because i want to transform it from a security blanket into a valid character in my closet :) because it really is a nice top, imo. i know i didn't do too well today but all i really cared about today was breaking in my very first pair of black opaque tights (since i was little anyways lolz)

i know the key to making many pieces work is layering... but my entire life i've always been bad at that... and honestly i always disliked the idea of it lolz (i mean... why do i have to wear SO many different pieces just for ONE day's outfit!? hahaha i think it has to do with laundry, but thats a whole nother story lolz)

i'm gonna work on it though :) ahem, and on my faces too (too many years of Myspace photos i think)... promise!

here goes my OOTD:
"dont jude me... but i kinda like the way my hair looks when i DONT comb it as opposed to when i do lolz"
- the Iza (via Twitter)
[plaid top - Ross, black faux suede otk boots - Charlotte Russe, black opaque tights - 99cent store! hahaha, heart necklace - random shop, skull ring- LBC farmer's market, swallow ring - vintage store on 4th in LBC]
check out the packaging for the tights... "designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite" lolz my fat tends to reside on other parts of my body making my legs pretty muscular with not much cellulite... but this just made me laugh... then when i tried it on... good gawd! they are really serious about reducing the cellulite... i was scared to wear these all day for fear that i'd lose circulation to my legs lmao... i survived tho ;)

next post will be the continuation of this day... and my evening 'fit :)



  1. iza ... ure freakin hillarious and u remind me of a cousin ... hey, maybe we are cousins! waddup cuz?!? ok ... dont mind me, that was me trying to cool ... lol.


    i wanted to let u know how cute u look and i love the tights and would u stop it, it wont stop circulation silly! lol! ;-)

  2. I love those boots and the rings! You crack me up

  3. lmao! ahhh man! HILARIOUS! <3 you! Glad you didn't lose circulation either...I'm sure it's hard to dance and party with no legs!

    I like plaid and I always have. I used to wear it all the time, big plaid shirts...even have some pics from sr year with me in plaid...rock it girlie!

  4. @bbm hey u kno how filipinos are... we probably are related by some long distant aunt or uncle somewhere! thank u :) and i kno u guys dont believe me... but those muther effers wer SUPER tight... like... wow! and i read the back of the package the other day... it actually has some sort of cream in the tights! huh? i dunno man, super weird L'eggs lolz

    @Stephanie thanksss girl! i was so in love w/that swallow ring when i first saw it @_@

    @Nik yeah i always had a thing for that lumberjack plaid that got super trendy over the past couple years lolz maybe it has to do w/al borlan lmao :P JK... <3 u toooooo :)

    @Literal Gemini THANKS! :) i was like dead obsessed with getting myself some over the knee boots last fall... i was so excited when i found these and they fit my 17" calves mwahahahaha!

  5. oh btw... the boots are actually jus regular all over black faux suede... i just folded over the top which happens to have this kind of cool leather lining at the top... WA-LA! new look ;)