Tuesday, April 20, 2010

deadly sinning

my current lustsssss

[all from Alloy. i don't kno if too many ppl kno, but they have a pretty nice extended size selection :) 
-i need a denim shirt and/or dress like asap, 
-and u'll see i've got an ongoing trend with the tribal stuff & i think this red 1 would look marvelous :), 
-i love showing off my back and this really has that 90's floral feeling, 
-and i kno its a little late for sweaters... but c'mon... this is just perfect!]

-i have been obsessed with this top since it came out on the online store, then i tried it on and its just soooooo pretty! i can't bring myself to buy it tho :(. 
-super cute espadrilles 
-and u kno i love anything thats adjustable for my wide footsies & these look super cool too (low key low budget version of the Dolce Vita ones i lust for here)]

[all from Torrid
-awesome tribal pattern. 
-i have a thing for simple tanks with really unique details. 
-and this is just plain pretty :).]

[i've been eyeing this top from Evans for some time... i would wanna fancy it up by wearing it as a short cocktail dress :) it looks really nice in the grey also]

now ever since i saw this pic of Pharrell in a denim biker jacket on the Hello Dacey blog, here, i cannot stop lusting after one for myself! 

i looove this one from the Gap!!! its pretty much exactly what i want, perfect cut, perfect wash, perfect everything! (it only goes up to XL tho ;/ but the Gap runs kind of big for me so i might be able to fit that! heh, if i actually get anything on this list... it'll probably be this jacket lolz)

and then i found this one on an actual biker website lolz (bikeremporium.com)
really cool looking too! (more like a real biker jacket) and since its a mens jacket i wouldn't have to worry about sizing :)

ugh i swear online window shopping is so much worse than actual window shopping sometimes :(



  1. what you doin with pics of my boo Pharrell on here!? lol

    Get that top from F21! i love it! i wish their shoes went up one more size so i could buy a trendy pair of cheap shoes *sigh*

  2. love this post...i need that off the shoulder sweatshirt in my life!

  3. Those F21 black sandals need to be in my wardrobe, immediately.

    Online window shopping is definitely worse on your wallet than shopping in real life. :P




  4. I saw those sandals at the Lakewood Mall F21, sadly not in my size....but so love them! I <3 animals on stuff...love the giraffes! Very cute picks!