Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday and some awards! :)

written yesterday a couple days ago ;/ sorry procrastination got to me, so...

saw this on Hey Jayka :) and followed it back to The Little Things We Do... and now i'm gonna do it, yay to simple Fridays!

1.) The first thing i do in the morning is roll around a bit and decide whether i need to be up or not or if i have something of particular importance to do that day.
[ikea = perfect]

2.) Every night before bed i say goodnight to my Bae <3

3.) My favorite thing to do when i'm having a bad day is eat a super delicious meal, shop, laugh with my favorite people, get kisses from my Yogi Bear.

4.) Something that makes me cringe is maggots... i... fucking... hate... maggots... i'm like so anal about having flies in my home or around me because i know they make maggots. u best believe i'm not posting a photo of maggots here! lolz

5.) Social situations are something i enjoy. depending of course, on the crowd in which i gotta socialize with, my attitude at the time, etc. in the end, i love meeting new people... that can never go wrong right?!

6.) I like to collect small containers, containers in general lolz... i dunno i've always loved organizing by putting everything in a designated container... i also like to collect cheap clothes lolz... and big unique cocktail rings.

7.) Weekends are for doing everything you couldn't do during the week! that includes playing, eating, cleaning, boozing... whatever! thats wut the weekends are for! for those who work... your weekends are when you're off... so even if its a wednesday... if you're off... go do whatever the fuuuuuuck you wanna do! ;) this sums it up perfectly:

hope u all enjoyed this :) and maybe do it next Friday!

and now on to some awards... i've been meaning to repost... but Stephanie, with her giant blog awards post, has finally inspired me to do it! :)

so first off is the Beautiful Blogger Award that i got from Hello Dacey and Literal Gemini (from STOP! You're Broke Blog) THANK YOU BUNCHES LADIES! ;D even though they have totally different blogs... u should totally check them out and give them a follow!

Beautiful Blogger Award rules:
- thank the person(s) who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
- copy the award and paste it to your blog.
- pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
- contact your nominees and let them know they've won.

its hard to find lovely bloggers who haven't already gotten this award... but i'm gonna go ahead and pass it on to...

1) Gazel (Bonjour Gazel!)
2) Linda (Lovin Linda)
3) Jennifer (Jasifer Lions Club)
4) Weesha (Weesha's World)
5) Lodi (Fat and Foxy)
6) Envy Chic (Beauty in Denial)
7) Dacia (Vu la-la)
9) Monique (Curves and Chaos)
11) Amanda Allison (Fashion, Love, and Martinis)
13) Kiyanna (The Mind of a Student)
15) The Ladies from Making No One Proud

and next up iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis... 
the Oh My Blog! Award :) from the insanely lovely Stephanie at Buttons, Bows, and Brogues! <3
Oh My Blog Award rules:
- get really excited that you got the coolest award EVER.
- choose ONE of the following options for accepting the OMB! Award:
     (a) get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.
     (b) write about your most embarrassing moment.
     (c) write a "soundtrack of your childhood" blog.
     (d) make your next blog vblog (video blog, basically you talking to the camera about whatever.)
     (e) take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning before you do anything else (makeup, brush hair,
          etc.) and post it.
- pass the award on to at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers like yourself!


will do the 2nd part soon, not quite sure which one i'll do tho

and i'm gonna go ahead and pass this on toooooooooooo::

- Allison (Curvy Girl Chic)
- Lauren (Sam Witwicky)

heh it took me 3 days to complete this blog, sheesh Iza get ur shit together lolz



  1. LOL Thanks for the blog award! hahaha I have no idea what I'm gonna do....maybe i should take a photo of myself pre-hairbrush-makeup, etc and post! omg you would get such a kick.

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  2. Awe bby. Thanks for giving me an award, haha! I should do a post similar to this one day. Salamattt. <3

  3. yayyyyyy!! thank uuuuu!! i'll get right on this asap

    blehhhhhhh i cringe at maggots too. and anything with small clear wings X-P


  4. thank you so much!!!!!!!!! ah blog award posts are the hardest to do so yay!

    I totally indulge in good food on a bad day too btw :)

  5. Thanks so much for the award! woot woot! LOL :)

    BTW: The nail polish is PURE ICE: Taupe Drawer. I got it at Wal-Mart.

  6. thank thank thank youuuu <3 <3 <3

  7. Thanks for the award! Virtual hug and kiss (Muahz) ♥. Hmm I;m gonna take a pic of myself in the morning to up from the flo up lol

  8. izzaaaa!!! ure the best! thanks so much for thinking of me love!


  10. awww thx doll! I just saw that you passed this award to me:) You are queen of awesomeland!