Monday, April 19, 2010

Bargain Orgasm... oh how i've missed thee!

lolz... well i have! i was at walmart just to get something real quick and i spied this on the $5 dollar rack! ahem... not that the clearance rack was anywhere near my designated object of purchase... but thats not important is it? lolz... i really really like the print, it really reminds me of spanish tile :)
and its a very nice pale yellow color with some taupe and white... i got it in a 2x cuz i wanted it to fit more like a very slouchy tunic and i also wanted to be able to wear it with a belt if i chose. it has gathers at the neck, 3/4 cinched sleeves (which are pretty big on me but eh) and slits on each side. i thought this would make a nice addition to my summer spread ;)

nothin like a bargain orgasm to shake off the Mondays! ;)


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