Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you for...

1) my Poppa not losing his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) making new friends this weekend :) (post coming soon of my weekend adventures and hanging out with hot mama Nikstar (from xoxo Nikstar blog) on Friday night!)

3) only a few weeks being left in the semester ;)
[booh you if i gotta tell u where this is from]

4) the 2010 NBA Playoffs! i'm ready :) let's take 'em out in no more than 5 games Celtics... cuz i wanna enjoy my birthday ;) lolz

5) swimming in the ocean, doesn't get any better than that. got pretty beat up this weekend though lolz... but it was still amazing!

6) new nightlife concepts like Mingle and Plei that finally realize some of us are grown and tired of paying 20 bucks to get into a place just so we can buy 10 dollar drinks and have unwelcome fabric covered cocks grind on us all night... OVER IT. (actual review of Mingle and Plei coming soon, like next post soon, hopefully lolz)

7) Stevie Wonder in the Volkswagen commercial lolz i just saw it RIGHT now and it made me laugh and it makes me happy... i enjoy when ppl just accept the things ppl see in them as faults and poke fun at it... some of us need to learn to stop taking things so seriously sometimes :)


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  1. I use to love recess, that was my show back in the day. I'm so behind on the playoffs but I'm rooting for the Celtics.