Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 is the year for sprucing... style that is!

so i have decided... thanks to all the beautiful inspiration i've taken from you fabulous blogging women... that i will try to... i dunno how to put it... i guess... reformulate is a good word lolz... ::strong voice:: reformulate my style a bit :) i'm typically a jeans and shirt type of girl... i rarely venture into anything outside of denim and the occasional summer dress... or leggings... but i look at the beautiful florals and ethnic prints and styles and cuts... that all you ladies have been sporting lately... and i am just sooo ready to follow in the stylish footsteps! so i took this new found inspiration with me to the thrift store right around the corner from my house... and here's what i got... very not typical for me lolz except for the sweater maybe.

[black/grey/white printed bubble skirt - $2.99]
[teal cable knit cowl neck sweater - $5.99]
[Heidi Weisel blue skirt - $1.99]
[brown belt -$.99]

that grey printed skirt was actually the thing that i LEAST liked when picking things up... but when i put it on...  it was a whole nother story! the sweater isn't anything new for me style wise... but i actually don't have a cable knit sweater... not to mention a cowl neck 1... so this was a gud buy... in a great color too... that blue skirt actually fits kind of tight... but still looks good when worn with a tee tucked in and all the way up to the bust line... plus u add a belt and it totally just looks like a cute dress... WITH pockets ;) lolz and a really great and unique texture and awesome layered details... i cant believe i got something so well made for 2 bucks! ::bargain orgasm building:: lmao (i was actually gonna do this as a Bargain Orgasm post but i figured its a thrift store... so its a given that my purchases would be a great bargain)... and finally i actually just grabbed that belt so i could try the skirts on w/a belt... and ended up just buying it... i mean i can rarely pass up something for 99 cents lolz plus i love wearing men's type of belts in a feminine fashion... makes me feel like i can build a house or use a nail gun or sumthing :P lolz

so hopefully these pieces... plus the many more i intend to get that are outside of my comfort zone... will help me build up a new and unique style that i can be proud of :)

oh and last but not least... i wanted to do a really gay commemorative post for when i reached 10 followers... but you guys totally just bypassed it... and now i have 11! lolz YAY! so for all you beautiful people... here's some cookies (yes... thats bacon! lmao), flip flops, Ramune, and total cuteness!

You guys are the best! thank you so much for reading! 

<3 x bunchessss!


  1. I love both skirts that you picked up! You must show us when you wear them :D My style is evolving thanks to blogging and all the people I follow...it's done wonders for me.

    My b-fran loves bacon, wonder if he'll eat that cookie! haha

  2. I agree with Nik my fashion has evolved as well from all the wonderful bloggers that i fallow. I absolutely love the last skirt with the belt. I can't wait to see how you wear your finds! :)