Tuesday, March 16, 2010

heat wave!

yea yea... another OOTD... i suppose i'll take advantage before i get too lazy to even do this... i've been in this plaid tunic the last couple of days... oh so grungy lolz... i broke out the shorts on monday to go pick up my BAE! ::EXCITED:: since it was the first taste of REAL warm weather in a while... i later regretted that... apparently my chun li legs attract a lot of attention :( so i broke out the cut off bermudas for school the next day.

[plaid tunic - random plus size store]
[shorts - thrifted]
[cut offs - cut up Mudd bell bottoms, i think lolz]
[black lace up Dolce Vita sandals - ross, $19]
[gold "California" 2 finger ring - forever 21]
[aviator sunglasses - thrifted]
[gold necklace - fortune cookie (from my mom) heart (beauty supply store, $1)]
[massive legs/calves - genetics lolz <3]

last but not least... everyone should try these! they are delicioso! they don't really taste like cheeseburger... they totally taste like ketchup and pickles... which is basically the taste of a burger huh? lolz so i guess they DO taste like their namesake... dorritos has the best flavor creations i swear!

now for real off to my nuggets ;)

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