Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh capitalism how i love thee

now don't get me wrong... i am NOT one of those people who run around yapping about how capitalist america is terrible... and things aren't fair... yadda yadda... i'm pretty far down on the economical food chain myself... but i appreciate the fact that being down here doesn't hinder your chances of getting up "there" with the big boys... tangent... reeling it in... ok what i mean is just that i don't mind paying 100 dollars for a pair of shoes constructed over seas with materials that cost 1/100 of the price i'm paying... things just are the way they are... and for those of you who think a socialist based America is gonna fix it all... you're wrong, and you know it... only because as a species we have grown accustom to the pyramid and the treacherous climb up and the easy and dangerous fall down... you couldn't put us all on an equal flat surface and think that no sort of chaos would come from it... btw my only issue with capitalism is its practice when it comes to healthcare and other things in this country that are priced as a luxury when they're a necessity... but thats for another post... basically all i wanted to do was post this picture and say that i wish i could take credit for something that cool :) (because as much as i love capitalism, it's nice to not be sold anything once ina while)

a great and productive... or lazy as hell... Saturday to all!


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