Friday, March 26, 2010

androgyny - the new men's trend?

i love me some mickey rourke... even after the intense facial reconstruction... but a sheer v-neck, too low cut jeans, and a toy dog? all he needs is a designer handbag and a crotch shot in the archives and he's pretty much a Hollywood heiress lolz what do you guys have to say about his 'fit?

and while we're at it... males in the skinny jeans? is there an age range for this trend cuz it seems to be perfectly acceptable from the pre-teen, tween, teen crowd... is anyone else just as bothered as me that there are now relationships in which the pants are literally interchangeable?!



  1. In the last picture I kind of like the trend...and I am so superduper in love with tight pants *___________*

    Thanks, the tights are grey vom WeloveColor and fishnets like tights from evans.

  2. oooh u wore fishnets over the tights? thats cute... yeah i love tight pants too... i just don't know if i love them on guys lolz :P