Saturday, March 6, 2010

puppy power

okay... i'm spiteful... because my boyfriend is kind of being a butt hole about our future... with a dog. :( i suppose thats not really what irritates me... its the fact that he raised and fell in love with some shitty little palmer-anian with his ex-gf... and every time i bring up the idea of getting a dog together in the future... he pretty much scoffs at me... which is fucking infuriating... anywho... this entire post is dedicated to me and dogs... all the ones i want... enjoy :)

I've always thought siberian huskies were so cool looking and exotic looking.

rotts <3

shar pei

cute little tea cup terrier

i've been into st. bernards since Beethoven (lolz dont judge me)

chow chow! i had a chow chow puppy for about a day (dont ask) when i was like in the 3rd grade :(

i think this is a boxer? or a pit... my friend has the most amazing, sweet, well trained boxer in the world... really makes me want to get one... and have him train it lolz.

hope u enjoyed my pooch love :)


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