Wednesday, March 24, 2010

miiiiinor late night tomboy rant-ish sort of nerd thing..... huh?!

this is me being a nerd:

okay so its playoff time in fantasy basketball (do not fuckin judge me! lolz) and i am pretty excited because i might actually place first this year! last season was my first season (my poppa got me into it seeing as how he's been doing it forever and i'm a really big nba fan) and i got fucking gipped by Yahoo out of my 2nd place silver trophy! i come back at the beginning of this season... only to find a muther fucking bronze trophy in my case!!!!!!! i wouldn't give a damn so much if it weren't that i was SO proud i placed 2nd my FIRST season! and u kno i actually was so upset that i complained to Yahoo... like straight up wrote an e-mail and everything... and those somommabitches didn't fix it! even after i showed them proof!!!!:
those suckers didn't fix anything! just tried to ease me over with e-mail promises saying they'd "resolve my issue as soon as possible" muther fucking liars! :( ::wooooosaaaaaaah:: anyways... so it's my 2nd season... and i drafted really well in 2/3 of my leagues... that 3rd one being the one i didn't even get out of the quarterfinals... no thanks to a bunch of weenies i.e. Douglas-Roberts, Kaman, KMart, Deng, Jennings, and Stuckey's fainting ass!... blah!... but hey i made it to playoffs so its not a total loss i guess... so me and my boyfriend have gotten into the habit (if u call doing it twice a habit lolz) of always having one league in which we are both in... so that means we are competing against each other :) i kno thats not usually a good thing for a couple... but i think we both get satisfaction out of it... me whoopin his ass... him knowing his girl can whoop his ass at a guy thing lolz... anywho... so after this round... next week is semi finals... and guess who's goin head to head... lolz yup! me and my hunny... so we'll see how that goes... im a way worse loser than he is... but he's already admitted to me a few times how much better my team is (only cuz he slept through his first round draft pick lmao)... well i wont bore u guys with the details of how Brandon Jennings is fallin off and how i woulda much rather had his ass play these wack ass stats in the beginning of the season and gimme the number he was pullin in November, NOW!... or how Joakim Noah tried to fuck up all my shit this year with his dumb ass planter fasilitumajig or whatever! lolz... sorry... well all that matters is one thing...... but im not gonna say it! cuz i'll probably jinx myself... and mess up the rest of my season hahahahahahhahahaha

/end tomboy rant lolz

thanks to those who read this lolz and if by chance any of u do fantasy basketball... HIT ME UP! :) lets get ina league next season! lolz seriously.

g'nite ladies and gentle ladies

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