Monday, March 29, 2010

irrational fear... i has one.

okay so since i'm diabetic i have to go in and get bloodwork done periodically to make sure that i'm controlling it well and yadda yadda... so every 3-4 months i have to go to my clinic and get blood drawn... ironically enough, i have a crazy intense fear of having needles put in my arm by a person... i've always been scared of needles ever since i was little... but now i'm so scared that the nurse or phlebotomist unknowingly has epilepsy and just conveniently enough will have a seizure right when she's putting the syringe into my arm... totally massacring my arm... i'm serious... i am SPECIFICALLY scared of someone having a seizure when theyre putting the needle into my arm... just thinking about it makes me want to hyperventilate... :(

OMG looking at this guy's post did not help! AAAAAH! ::hyperventilates:: :'(




  1. Oh wow that's kinda scary. I can stand needles only if I don't look when it's being inserted.

  2. same here! i always turn my head to the opposite direction... but lucky for me i got the really nice soft spoken gentle lady today :) and didn't feel a thing!

  3. I hate needles with a passion