Wednesday, March 10, 2010

maybe i should pitch this to the food network! lolz

i don't know about u guys... but i love playing cooky chef in my/my bae's kitchen... i especially love re-fabbing leftovers!(don't give me too much credit tho, they're not always successful endeavors lolz)... so this morning as i was looking for something tasty to eat... and trying to avoid buying something... i came across 3/4 a pack of some weird ramen and some left over shrimp in my fridge... and i think STIR-FRY! man i love stir frying everything! so i tossed them all together in my trademark technique of flash boiling the ramen so its not all the way cooked, making it more solid and less likely to be gooey when i stir fry it, and throwing in my mish mash of awesome seasonings ;)... and here was the outcome! muther fuckin delicious if i might add! lolz good thing i wasn't able to make that much or else i would've just engorged myself :P


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