Thursday, March 4, 2010

my opinions on new funs on zee intranets

i just wanted to mention and give my thoughts on a few things that i have been partaking in lately on the internets...

- chatroulette: if you haven't tried this new fad yet... go for it... i can't really form an opinion quite yet because all i keep hearing in my head is that it should just be called the new interactive To Catch A Predator lolz... it's basically a chat/webcam site where you are paired up with a random person anywhere in the world, depending on your criteria which is only limited to whether the stranger must have a cam and your own sound and video output (btw, theres no age requirements or anything with this site so you can see how its being seen as an open bar for pedophiles and such), and you... chat with them... YIPPEEEE! lolz i suppose the novelty in it is that you never know who you will get paired with and what might come out of that pairing (many sites have already used these hysterical outcomes to profit off of, but i'll share that in a bit)... and you have full control... you can press "next" and be moved right along the line to the next person they have available and obviously so can the stranger you are chatting with. I've tried this out a few times and I suppose my only real problem with it is that more often than not I get paired with a guy who wants to see tits or a guy who already has his cock out lolz... and if its not them its underaged boys and girls (i'm thinking as young as 11-12) which you can see is pretty disturbing.

- People of Walmart: now I am an avid fan of this site! i check on the regular to see what new freakish sightings have been captured... i recommend it to anyone who's ever been to a walmart and seen a weirdo and was just like OMG does this person really exist?! lolz

- Failbooking: another site of hillarity... just a perfect example of why people should realize what will and will not be available for the public... here's a perfect example:

i'll be back to add more to this in a bit :)


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