Saturday, March 20, 2010

my first Bargain Orgasm post

as you guys know... i'm like a bargain fiend! i literally get excited (no, not sexually excited lolz its a metaphor ppl run with it) when i buy something super cute... for super cheap! lolz so i've decided to start doing a Bargain Orgasm post... whenever i cum across (lmao what a bad joke! ahahaha im sorry to all the virgin eyes that read this) a wonderful bargain... and my first one is going to have to be this periwinkle blue striped ruffled button up i got from Kmart yesterday for $3.99! super duper cute and with endless possibilities!

have a wonderfully beautiful Saturday everyone!


THANK YOU TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS/READERS! :) i'm so happy to have you guys!


  1. Got to love those great bargains! I read on one of your post that you live close to Temecula...I live in Riverside:)

  2. actually i live in Long Beach... but my boyfriend lives out here in Temecula... so with me having school and him working... we just alternate travelling here and there... oh yeah? take it easy out there girl... cuz when its hot everywhere else... in the valley its BURNING! lolz :P

  3. This will probably be my favorite post from you! haha I love a bargain!