Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[mon. ootd: striped & navy strapless dress (oldy but favorite-y!), belt (thrifted), earrings (gift), necklaces (old, doesn't it remind u of that 1 episode of Are You Afraid of The Dark? this one! lolz it does to me!), had a lot of errands to do so i threw on the always trusty flip flops ;)]

carne asada tortas, bowie haircuts, popi, visiting g-ma, LBC!

dinner & qt with my handsome hunny pie <3
[ootd: je t'aime tee (poppa was helpin me show it off lolz), trusty skinny jeans, trusty faux brown leather bomber, pink glitter bow earrings (99c store find), gold heart and fortune cookie necklace (see here), flip flops]

i'm not a big fan of the romper, personally (though i've seen many of you beautiful ladies pull it off beautifully) but if i had to phuck with one... it'd be this one! suuuper cute and i love the print... i tried really reaaaally hard to find it online for u guys, but to no avail :( sorry... its in Walmart tho, so happy hunting to those who decide to seek it out.

magical unicorns! hahaha i hate doodling on paper ;)



  1. Love the pics! OMG I'm not a romper fan either but people have told me to try it and I did. OMG disaster! It gives me camel toe and a FUPA! :( LMAO will post later!

  2. omg hotness- I love the dress!! it's too cute! I love doodling on humans too, paper just doesn't cut it :)