Tuesday, March 9, 2010

slore with a guilty conscience

i just read one of the headlines on Yahoo's front page... that Lindsay Lohan was suing e-trade because of one of their commercials... i don't know about you... but could you just guess right off the top of your head what commercial she was referring to? i couldn't either... then i read the article and found out that she's suing because of their latest commercial... the one where the little e-trading baby has a girlfriend on video chat and she's asking where he was all night or sum crap like that... and he says he was on e-trade diversifying his stocks and shit... and she asks... "so that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't there?"... and then this little baby girl pops her head out of the side (on the boy baby's screen) and says "milka-what?"... now i've seen this commercial at least a dozen times... and i never once took that it was implying Lindsay LOHAN had a substance abuse problem... and i'm pretty sure many of you didn't either... it's not like the baby had red hair and a complicated lesbian relationship with her lolz... to me it seems as though Lindsay Lohan is pulling these accusations out of thin air (btw how could you possibly work this case? is she going to try and fucking trademark the name Lindsay... good luck w/that buddy) it's like she's got a guilty conscience about some substance abuse problem that she may or may not have (if it's the latter she's not doing a very good job of hiding it lmao) and she's being super defensive about it... anywho... i just think its extremely dumb on her part... her career has already become a mockery... the same way her walking persona has.


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