Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank you for...

so i have decided to take a cue from the lovely Lollipop Loves and dedicated a weekly post to 7 things that i am thankful for! (good idea huh? lolz ;) ) so here i go...

Thank you for...

1.) the long weekend with my lovely lover pants!

2.) Pho! even though i almost burned my hand putting it in a bowl when i got home (remind me to avoid getting it to go ;/) btw mine come sans onions.

3.) spur of the moment DIY projects!!!! i'm so in love with my new re-fabbed vest! i'm like maybe 65% done... so i'll share pictures, maybe even an OOTD ;), when its complete :)

4.) upsets... to be specific... NCAA mens basketball upsets... i don't know if too many of my readers care about this... but Kansas got took out quite early... and everyone... well damn near everyone... including our president had them to win everything... i think its awesome that so many unexpected wins and losses happen this season... keeps things spicy... too bad for Georgetown tho.

5.) the great southern California weather!!!!!!! yaaaaay!

6.) Kmart... for the great bargains and hot online shoe selection... stop hiding these gems from us! lolz (see My First Bargain Orgasm and really Kmart, really?!)

and last but not least...
7.) my new Blogger followers and readers! thanks for reading my useless jibber-jabber lolz and even taking the time to comment on it! i love you guys!


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