Monday, March 8, 2010

it never gets any easier...

okay so today is my last day in Temecula until... either next weekend (depending if i decide to go to Brandon's christening, which i kno i SHOULD!) or the weekend after... anywho me and poppa met up yesterday after he got off of work to go watch The Crazies. STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT IT SPOILED FOR YOU!

Now i got a lot of positive feedback and hyped up recommendations to go see that movie... and usually, especially when Charmaine is one of those people, they're right... but in this case... their excitement, in my opinion, was for not... it was fairly scary at points... and i won't lie it made me jump out of my seat quite a few times, but i'm a pretty jumpy bastard so thats not saying much... i wanted to blame my mediocre like of it to the fact that i'm pretty story driven and this was just too simple... plane crashes in butt fuck no where -> infects the water -> townies get sick -> military erases them (or tries to)... and thats it... too bland for my taste... and its as if there was nothing i could grab on to in the story that i connected with... it was as if i was just watching a blah movie... very distant from the characters... i mean i can't really say much else... it was creepy, the story line is a creepy concept but thats about all i can say... nothing too intricate... but i mean if ur not looking for intricate maybe this is all you :) and if you're wondering, my boyfriend didn't like it very much either... but maybe later on i will divulge his finicky taste in movies lolz

i was gonna throw some photos into this post from our roaming around in Temecula but it doesn't seem fair to the people who are not gonna read this far because of my spoiler alert so i'll just throw them into another post

to be continued...


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