Monday, March 15, 2010

hoot hooooot

no OOTD because i got up early (extra early because of the hour that was stolen from me... and meaning bummy) and went to b-fast with my favorite cousins and nephew :) did some shopping at kohls and Forever21 in an attempt to walk off the fat ass Denny's b-fast... leaned up my belly and my wallet... just a little bit ;)

oh yeah... and played a few minutes of the new final fantasy! ::EXCITED::... but i'll get back to that...

first here go my purchases for the day...

simple Mudd tiger tank ($10) and beige top with studs/bling(which i was kind of "ugh" about but the super cute super wide sleeves and off the shoulder look sold me... oh and the price ^__^... i kno it looks really unappealing when laid flat like that... so i'll post pics of me actually wearing it soon!) ($6) both from Kohls.
couldnt help that last pic :) i have had quite an obsession with multiple finger rings lately. the gold one i bought today(or yesterday, whatever!) from Forever21 ($5sumthin) and the silver one is from Claires ($10 poo!) on a side note... i've always had this thing i go by when i wear rings... when placing them... i put them on so that they're in the appropriate position for ME to look at/read... and the other night someone tried to clue me in on how with these word rings you're supposed to wear them this way (like in the picture) so OTHERS can read it lolz... i said no... i wear it for ME :)... if ppl wanna read it... they can come stand next to me lolz so yeah don't expect to see me ever wearing these rings like this... this was only because i had a gangster photo op hahahah :P

last but not least for the day/night... Final Fantasy 13! i didn't play it much... but all i can say is that i'm sooo glad the gameplay is back to how it should be! that real time lazy bull shit in 12 was terrible! i mean 13 is also in real time... but its back to turn based... which is whats important... i have this inkling in my head that i might be getting it for my birthday lolz but i'm trying to keep myself from hyping myself up too much... even though i kno even if it ISN'T that... i'm still gonna be happy... because my boyfriend is the best gift giver EVER, period. <3

oh and for those who care... i've been working on my first ever epic KS level... furiously... like at least an hour a day lolz which is pretty intense for me... in respects to ANYTHING lolz so hopefully it'll turn out well...  i'll keep everyone updated. 
/nerdiness (lolz)


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  1. california looooovvee... yes! rep it girl!