Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ootd, ju makes me smiiiiile!

this outfit saved my day today :) i kno not many ppl who saw me thought it was great... but i was... wait... AM... in love with it... so that says a lot about fashion and the self huh? when i put this on... i felt happier... felt better... and felt comfortable with myself :) thank you outfit.
[black nylon/spandex tank (can't see it in this picture) - charlotte russe]
[fuscia (fuschia?) super loose tank - thrifted]
[tie dyed/printed bubble skirt - thrifted]
[studded sandals - ross]
[bag - old, dunno where from]
[2 finger Love ring - Claires]
[silver gem dangle earrings - Nordstrom Rack]

i did some shopping today too... but maybe i'll post that haul later.


what could make this even better? i e-mailed this pic to my baby... and he likes it! SCORE ;D


  1. I love it! I always love that one outfit that makes me feel happier:) I usually wear it to death lol!


  2. OooO thats the skirt! Cute!! I have two pieces that make me happy and I wear them all the time...a denim jacket (str8 from my friends closet) and a grey vest lol I'm guilty of overwearing them!

  3. very cute skirt! I am drooling over the studded sandals- love them!

  4. @Gabi... same here! i bought a really simple slouchy tee today... that's like the awesomest of awesome minty green color... OMG it makes me happy just looking at it lolz

    @Nik... thanks hun! i'm totally all for the "happy clothes" now :) man i was tryina find a denim jacket today... no luck tho :( poo! send me yours! lolz :P

    @Weesha... why thank youuuu :) theyre very cute... but absolutely no support lolz i learned my lesson with those today

  5. I would send you mines, but my mama first asked me for it and I'd feel a little bad considering i'm only "borrowing" it from my friend haha

  6. yes! happy outfits are the best and u look adorable!