Monday, March 8, 2010

still not getting easier... cont'd

this is my photobug section that was supposed to all go in my last post but i wasn't expecting to do a full on spoiler review of The Crazies... so now i'm just gonna throw them in here... me and my hunny usually walk to and from the mall/movies area because he lives so close... and its good exercise ;) and it makes for a lot of photo opportunities in my case.

[2 in the pink 1 in the stink temecula ;)]

[most interesting thing i've ever seen out here, next to singing jesus]

[rain rain go away :(]

[original smart car]

[and the clouds parted]

[i thought this was sooo funny! lucky employees who get to take their breaks in here lolz]

[glow in the dark smiley face dog. my boyfriend always thinks one day its gonna find a way to jump over this fence since the backyard is actually elevated, thats why it looks like he could just run over to us]

[right across the street. it taunts me. fuck you la fitness! you can't have my fat! lmao]

on our way home we also stopped by Sport Chalet because there are these shoes that i have been obsessed with getting... these Vibram FiveFingers

they're available online but they said i could find them in sport chalet... and me being the detail oriented person that i am (and how much i HATE returning things in the mail) i need to try these on before i buy them! but muther effin sport chalet in temecula doesn't carry them :( very disappointing... they're super cool though huh? lolz i kno they're not everyones taste... but if u kno me... u kno i hate wearing shoes (yes they make ur feet look cute sometimes and u have to to avoid hypodermic needles and such, but if it were up to me i'd be barefoot all the time, or only wear flip flops at most) and these are probably the closest thing to going barefoot... anywho u guys keep ur fingers crossed that i can try some of these on soon and that they'll fit heavenly... so then u guys can point and laugh at me when u see me walking down the street and i can roundhouse kick u in the face ;P


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