Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bluster... like blister... but windier

i'm back home now in my beautiful and windy city by the sea :)

was super productive this morning and read a whooole chapter before even turning on my computer or the tv :-D i took a little break to make breakfast tho ;) had bacon and rice, which i have missed TERRIBLY! i feel quite accomplished... it's not even 1:30 yet and i've done my homework, rescheduled that appointment, read that whole chapter, washed dishes, and cooked breakfast instead of eating out... wow lolz (and soon i'll be adding "wrote a blog post" to that list lolz)... and i think i know why ;) but i'ma keep that hush hush... let's just say someone hung up in my face this morning... so i decided i was gonna grab today by the balls ;)... anywho... here are some photos from my trip home last night and a few from earlier today while i was reading :)

[soooo yummy! i'll totally take a box of these as a b-day gift lolz ;)]
[the best travel music!]

the struggle between watching the birds... and reading a computer textbook. :|
[3 little birds perched by my doorstep <3]

i'll be posting the larger better quality of these on my flickr

the computer textbook one :(
everyone have a great day!

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