Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bargain bungee jumping

so i suppose you should know now that i cannot manage to step outside of my house without spending money... whether it be food (which i try to validate even though it doesn't really count if its fatty ass chinese food or fast food) or something i can wear... i just can't help it... ESPECIALLY if its cheap! lolz like Ross and thrift stores are my heaven... i like to look cute and fashionable... but i fucking hate spending money on extremely over priced shit that looks like stuff i can find for a fraction of the price... i grew out of that "ballin'" phase after i graduated high school lolz... anywho... i'll regularly share with you guys my bargains i snatch up here and there :) and i'll start with today... i found these cute CL by Laundry (which is some off brand of Chinese Laundry, sorry i wasn't even able to find these online :( ) sandals for 14 bucks that i just could not NOT buy lolz... and i totally feel like it was a steal right?!... i mean... 14 dollars... right?! hahaha :P i love the super large round studs contrasted with the minimal straps (i usually only do thongs when it comes to sandals because my feet are super wide and i can't take the discomfort... my only exception are my DV by Dolce Vita lace up gladiators (sorry i couldn't find them as affordable as mine were) that i DIE for lolz because the laces allow them to fit perfectly across my feet and guess what? they were only 20 sumthing dollars =D) here's what those look like...

and here go some pictures of my new CL by Laundry ones :) i can't wait for it to warm up so i can put these bad boys to some good use! (don't mind my weeks old super oscar glitzy toe nails lolz)


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