Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY jewel studded vest... DONEZO!

i finished my DIY vest project :) ::suuuuper excited:: i was surprised i got it done so quickly... my baby came home from work and when i told him i had finished it even he said he didn't think i was gonna get it all done by today lolz... then i tried to explain the boring details to him about how i was using a dumb-ass stitch the first 60% of the vest then finally smartened up which is what sped me up... anywho... here is the finished product ladies and gents... i am extremely happy with the results... could not have asked for better ;D if you guys have any questions about what i did or the materials i used... just ask :) (sorry no "before" shots... it was just the plain black vest with no embellishments)


  1. I doooooooooo love it! I feel like I should mail you a vest so I can have a cool piece like this in my closet!

  2. oo love that vest, have a millions
    of them my self, u always look good in them :D
    great blog ;)


  3. OMG it looks freakin awesome! What exactly did you use for the embellishments? I like the way you didn't put it on the whole vest but it scatters near the bottom!

  4. @Nik... thanksss! maybe i should go into business! lolz i need to get some thimbles tho :( cuz my fingers won't be able to take it alone lolz

    @La Michelle... thanks girl!

    @Nina... thanks hun! i went to Jo-anns and used these:
    (in the large round and rectangle silver)
    (in the round and square small ones)

    and just some of that stronger thread they use for buttons and appliques and a regular hand needle.

    they are cheaper on that site than in Jo-anns and have more supply... i actually bought ALL the ones that were in the store lolz thats 1 reason why i didn't cover the entire vest, because i wanted to at first... but ur rite it looks better like this :)

  5. That is absolutely beautiful!!
    I wanted to do one myself, and I'm definitely going to do it, because you've inspired me too! :)