Monday, March 22, 2010

Distance and Time

i'm back home in Long Beach...

but i left my heart in Temecula :(

for all you people out there who are also trying to live and love with a long distance relationship, you feel my pain... it hurts every time i feel myself getting physically farther and farther away :( even after 2 years. ::sigh::



  1. thank you for making me tear up! :( my heart lives in Lakewood, CA and I'm here in Chicago. *sigh* I don't see him again until Next month and I haven't seen him since Valentines day.

  2. aaawww... hang in there girl! ;-)

  3. @Nik... lmao... why ur boyfriend live right down the street from me!? haha LBC is rite neeext to Lakewood ya kno ;) we should double whenever u come down and visit him :P lolz

    @BBM... i'm trying... its tough cookies man... but u kno wut they say... absence makes the heart grow fonder... and my heart is fonder than a muther effer rite now lolz

  4. I'm down for a double!! :D Cheaaah I'll be there april 16-18. It's funny, as I was reading this yesterday, he called and I was on my way to grabbin some tissues! I miss his face and Skype doesn't do it justice!