Wednesday, March 17, 2010

really Kmart, really?!

-said bye bye to my lover boy :( (for 24 hours lolz)
-cleaned out 2 extremely filthy electric fans (because it is starting to swelter in the LB! and midway through i realized maybe we should just buy brand new 1s... but u kno theres something about usin the gud old elbow grease to make something function and clean enough to eat off of... that just makes it all worth while ;D)
-drank a can of that V8 fruit juice (and after every gulp couldn't help but taste all the vegetables they're fucking hiding in there lolz)
-perused the FAF Chic blog which leads me to this treasure trove...

Kmart has some seriously fabulous shoes! now where the fuck do you go off doin that kmart? lolz and after i read the original FAF Chic post i thought maybe they had a few semi-interesting shoes... no... they have endless pages of some really haut stuff! anywho... here go my faves...

oh yeah...
-and totally ruined my nails while cleaning :( poo sticks!

gonna go grab some dinner :) and study a bit ;x


  1. those are kmart? wow. didnt they go bankrupt? hehehe. jk.

  2. no idea! lolz... but i kno thankfully all these are running strong and available online still ;)