Tuesday, March 9, 2010

another bond to break

i randomly came across this thing that someone has... a Formspring... it has a real "twitter-y" feel... maybe its the new thing? whatever... i kind of like the premise... it's like a spiffier version of those honesty boxes they have/had on myspace... anywho... there's my link to mine along with the links to my other social networking doo-dads... obviously i'm gonna try hard to get more people to read my blog... so hopefully i can get some of you to ask me questions too... if there's anything you wanna be anonymous about... feel free to hit my Formspring :)


i just realized i should have something... umm... different i guess... that will actually intrigue others to read this blog cuz i mean so far i'm just another of the long list of blogosphere inhabitants... i don't wanna fade away into the deep corners of the blog world with the fucking family online scrapbooks and the bitches who post about their knitting and macrame' crap... i have exactly what i could use as my hook too... but its sort of sensitive... ugh... so i'm debating whether i want to put it out there for everyone... i'd love it if i could get some feedback... but i don't really have that many readers now do i? lolz

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