Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tasty Textile Thursday

so i thought i'd do a haul of the things i got within the last few days... seeing as how i probably won't get much else... cuz i'm broke now lolz anywho... and also some dress adventures i had today at the mall with my cousin Lanella :) here is all of the fun stuff...

[stocked up on these light, short sleeve, really well fitting button ups from Walmart ($10 each) i'm probably gonna return the middle one, it gives me too much of a teenager vibe i think, right?]

[love love loooove this shirt. it's just a slouchy tee with slit cap sleeves in the most awesome (i like to call it) Mylanta color :) i wore it sort of off the shoulder today since the neckline is pretty wide (Walmart $6) my lightings been super bad on colors lately :( (see purple dresse below) oh yeah when i looked at the tag when i got home i saw that it's actually a "sleep shirt" lolz niiiiceee]

["je t'aime" heart tee (ross $7.99 minus BFF's employee discount ;) yeaaah lolz) my first official "green" tee! that's not why i bought it tho... it is just maaad comfy and to think almost half of it is recycled!... i'm prolly gonna go back and buy the other colors/prints too]

[studded bag (ross $21) i actually was being super bipolar about this bag but my mom was like "i'ma buy you a bag hurry up and pick one" lolz so it was sort of forced... but i actually really like how it looks when its sitting ona surface all slouched up... eh its okay when i carry it around too lolz i guess. i hate shopping wit ma dukes sometimes :|]

[this is my favorite buy in this haul (well maybe a toss up with the shoes lolz) purple striped wrap tie dress (Target $15 on sale) i can't wait to show this to you guys when its on... it has the cutest wrap tie detail at the empire waist... feels almost Grecian but with this light summery fabric EDIT: i last minute added that picture of it from the Target website, sucks that it's not on sale online tho]

[last but not least Puma mens white/navy/green slip on sneakers (Footlocker $19.99 on sale) i kno they're kind of trendy lolz but wutever... they're super comfy and really cool looking! makes me think i should be going to Diddy's parties in the Hamptons or something lolz]

i also tried on a couple of dresses at Forever21 (including my intended birthday dress see here) and had a mini trip to a bridal store (because my cousin is engaged, yaynes!)

here's the birthday dress (perhaps not)... i need a push up bra with this dress lolz and the print didn't really wow me as much as it did online... the cut and fit are nice though... i might go back and buy it just to have

i kept seeing this dress in the online store and i wasn't very fond... i'm thinking now its because her jugs don't look like they have much support... but me being a member of the itty bitty titty committee :P lolz... it fit much nicer... i actually liked this better than the last dress (sorry no pics)... hopefully i'll go back for this one (cousin is a Forever21 employee ;) yeaaaah... again lolz)

nooow last but not least... a halloween themed bridal nightmare (i like the cut though, it's the most suiting for my funky figure lolz)
gotta love the stink face lolz
(i'm thinkin i gotta start takin my pants off when i try dresses on lolz oh lazy poo!)


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