Saturday, March 20, 2010

late night ramblings... it's what i do best!

ugh... i guess i slept too much this morning because i just can't sleep now :( and i know i should... because my love is laying over there sleeping all alone... and with our current long distance situation i should totally be taking advantage of any chance i can get to just doze with him... but i can't... and if i lay with him... i tumble around too much... and mess with his sleeping... and thats just mean lolz (don't ever do that to me!)

so i'm sitting in the other room... silently entertaining myself... and doing this...
well... not exactly... i'm eating them out of tupperware now... and its night time lolz... fyi... that popcorn is the muther effin shiiiiiiiiet! if you have a costco membership... just walk in there one day and try the samples... they are like the most gourmet of gourmet popcorns... yeah that sugar probably isn't helping me sleep any sooner ;x

so my DIY vest that i mentioned earlier today is going quite well... actually VERY well if i do say so myself... i've got almost 1 whole side done... ugh that hand sewing of each friggin gem has got my index finger and thumb on my right hand THROBBING tho :( no bueno

oh... yeah... me and Poppa (thats my boyfriend, don't get confused... i have like a dozen nicknames for him lolz) went to see Sherlock Holmes at the discount theater near the mall... it was either that or The Blindside which i also really wanna see... but i wasn't in an emo, crying type of mood lolz... but yeah Holmes was pretty good imo... my favorite bit has to be Jude Law and his portrayal of Holmes' trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson... you always picture Watson being a little stubby fellow who's not very adventurous... but in this movie he's like ex-military who has a tendency to shoot/kick first and ask questions later but at the same time is still very organized and completely against Holmes' chaotic ways lolz... Jude Law was quite hot in that role ;) actually... i've never even found him very attractive UNTIL i saw this movie lolz... i have no idea why...

Sherlock Holmes Trailer A
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and now just for good measure... i have a thing about men in certain roles... that makes them just purely attractive... if not THAT much more attractive lolz
self explanatory ;)

(don't even ask me about why i thought Adrien Brody was so hot in Summer of Sam because his character was a bit of a wierdo in it... but that's actually the film in which i first fell in love with him lolz)

okay birdies... i'm quite sleepy now :) yaaay! gonna go snuggle... i hope everyone had a great Friday!



  1. Awesome! Now I want popcorn, my bf and Brad Pitt. Can I do that? LOL

  2. lolz you might have to ease your bf into the idea :P