Wednesday, March 24, 2010

why do you have to be so far away!

ok... so i'm frustrated... this is one of the things about me and my Bae's long distance relationship that just really gets to me...

so two friends of mine that i've known for many many years now have just gotten recently engaged and i was full on ready to go to their engagement party this saturday... but i found out that everyone else that i know thats going is bringing their significant mister/ma'am... and i already know for a fact that my boyfriend will not be able to go because of work and distance and lack of transport :( i just hate it because for 1... he has early shifts now! so its like if he were living over here... this would have been something we totally would be able to go to... and 2... i never take him anywhere... we've been together almost two years and he's only hung out with my best friend twice and has never even met my dad's side of my family ::super bummer:: you guys know that when you're in love with someone you wanna share them with the world, you wanna show them off and you want everyone to know how lucky you are... and i can't even do that because our lives are just so discombobulated :'(... and 3... its not like this is a really big deal, this party, you know... i can't make a fuss about it... i can't make him go out of his way to take the whole weekend off or something just so he can come down and we can go to someone elses engagement party... its just such a big hassle... for such small things... we have to schedule everything beforehand... i just hate not having a normal relationship... not because i want to be normal and do all these things and have him in my sight all the time blah blah blah... but because i want to do all these things with HIM! i wan't him as an everyday ingredient in my life and i want to share him with everyone else that i love...

but he's just so far away all the time :(

ugh... today just did not start off well... i'm gonna stop before i start weeping all over my desk heh... its hard to stay optimistic and just be a trooper on days that we're not together... but i must... and i shall.



  1. aaawww hun! first, congrats on ure 2 year long distance relationship ... thats a great accomplishment. and second, so is anyone gonna give on moving? sounds like u both are so inlove why not take the leap of faith?

  2. oh yeah... its the ultimate plan for him to move down here (because of my mom's health conditions i can't move out of LB) but we still need to find a larger apartment... and he needs to get transferred to a job location down here... and we both need to save money... there are a lot of things getting in our way... but as long as its not each other, then we kno we'll make it :)

  3. theres the spirit ... yes! as long as you guys have LOVE that will bind you all the way through. best regards to ure mom ... ure an amazing girl!