Friday, March 12, 2010

i'm going to hell!

first off i'm going to apologize because i forgot to take a pic of my OOTD... i kind of just ripped my clothes off because i've been really tired today (possibly getting sick? UGH)... but as a short recap... i wore my green trench that i just bought yesterday (sans new buttons :( ), my new cuffed jeans that my hunny bought me, white v-neck chest pocket tee (wal-mart), and my new sandals.. the ones with the studs from a few posts down... nothing too exciting... i just cant help but think about those unfashionable buttons every time i wear that coat... lolz maybe its just me?

anywho... so why, you might ask, am i going to hell? well while on the bus with my mom from dinner and some shopping at Trader Joe's... i sat next to this man (just looked like a regular sir) and a block before my stop i looked at him, pointed to the chord to signal a stop and said "excuse me, could you..." assuming that he knew what i was asking for... but he didn't... so i assumed he didn't speak english... which was fine... my mom pulled the chord for me... and i said "thanks mom" i guess in a slightly irate tone (i really can't remember)... then the man next to me says in THE nicest way "i know you we're talking to me, but i'm blind so i didn't know what you wanted me to do."


i felt like the rudest person in the world :(

<3... and shame :(

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