Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i, my friend, am no fashionista

i realize a majority of my newer posts are all fashion/ootd related... so just to mix it up a bit... here goes sum other things... far from the fashion world :)

this guy is great! he's been great since maybe 3-4 years ago when i first heard him on a Kanye track... i know he's very close to mainstream now... but i still enjoy him on mixtapes... and mostly on his debut album Food & Liquor... i keep shuffling to this song on my Zune... and it just reminds me of how much i love him :)

"i aint the bomb, i'm the company that got the contract to rebuild durin' the aftermath. have a blast!" - Lupe Fiasco

oh yeah and me and my boyfriend just got done watching Law Abiding Citizen... and it was great! i loved it... i think gerard butler did a great job... and i really enjoyed the story line and the... umm... lets just say action lolz... good movie... i very much recommend it :)

so i'm gonna try my best to pepper in more NON fashion crap in here... too bad im about to do an ootd post right after this lolz... maybe

now to enjoy my chicken nuggets ;)


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  1. Love LUPE & I loved that movie Law Abiding Citizen! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!