Friday, March 19, 2010

i'm up before the sun (DIY Edit)

blaaah i hate sharing a bed/room/house with people who have to get up early... it always messes with my sleep :( my BAE had to be at work at 6:30 today which meant he had to be up at 5:30... which meant I was up at 5:30 :( poopoo!

so now i'm up... perusing/following blogs... and thinking about this weekends DIY project that i gave myself (i don't want it to sound like i have one every weekend lolz but this one i just HAD to do)... my OOTD yesterday (which i might post a pic of at a later date because its in my camera back in LB) was just some cut off jeans, my boyfriends VERY old Garbage tee, an old black vest i had laying around my closet, and some flip flops... i actually really like this outfit... but as i was going about my day yesterday... i couldnt help but think how much i hated the material of the vest... it's like this cheap-o material they use when u buy 2 in 1 pieces (cuz it came with a striped button up)... i love everything else about it tho... the fit, style... so i'm not trying to chuck it just yet... so i got the idea to buy some studs/embelishments and re-fab it up a bit... i stopped by Joanns here in Temecula... and of course knowing their uptight conservative asses... they had not hard core metal studs lolz... blah! and when i get my heart set on doing something... i kind of get impatient and just find a substitute rather than holding out and getting what i first intended on getting... so i bought these sew on gem things instead... and i think they look pretty nice... i bought like 6 packs... but i'm thinking that may not be enough :(... so i  may go back today and pick up more... if they have any left... i have it laid out on the table for now... tryina formulate a plan of attack ;) lolz

i at first wanted to do just a whole cluster fuck of embelishments all over the vest (or at least a high concentration at the shoulders and that it just trickles off on the way down) but now i'm thinking i'll just do a border around the top front area (like in the picture)... what do you guys think??? i'm really partial to chaotic designs so a part of me really DOESNT want to do the organized border thing... but maybe it'll look better when i wear it? eh... i dunno... help me out guys!

Edit... ok guys... here are my two options... like i said... i'm leaning towards the chaotic one on the left (after i buy maybe another couple packs of gems it should look exactly the way i want.. oh and after sewing lolz) but if you really don't think it looks nice... i'd like to know! and if anyone has any other ideas as to how i could arrange the gems... please let me know that too! lolz



  1. oooooooh! how fun is that! i seriously need to do a DIY soon ... and love this idea! hey girl, check out my current posting ... cuz u know u wanna rock dem PNOYS!

    love and xoxo!

  2. thanks! which side do u think looks better? lolz