Tuesday, March 23, 2010

peas, peas, more peas and an OOTD

OOTD with my new beautiful vest :)

[striped white and grey tee - walmart $6]
[diy jewel studded vest]
[straight leg jeans - ross]
[Hobo black patent bag - nordstrom rack $200]
[2 finger Love ring - Claires]
[bead bracelet - can't remember]
[black flip flops - walmart]

sorry guys... with all my attempts at fashion forwardness... flip flops is probably something i will never be broken of as far as day to day footwear goes (i gots sensitive feet =/)... that bag is like my ultimate favorite (even though its falling apart ::tear::) and not just because it was so damn expensive... it just looks so classy and classic and great with everything... the black patent is super shiny... my mom says they used to call it the "wet look" in her day lolz... sorry the 1st two pics were from my cell at escuela cuz i didnt really like the pics i took at home besides the ones of my feet (im thinking i need to devote more time to these ootd's... well the picture taking portion heh)... fun fact: i accidentally wore a bra today that only had ONE underwire on one side... so i had like dumb-oh support all day lolz glad i had that vest on.

so i can't understand why people don't like peas... they're scrumptious! i've been snacking on these salted crunchy peas since Sunday! mmmmm nummy!

eat your vegetables guys! :)



  1. Your embellished vest is too cute. The two finger love ring is adorable.

  2. oOoo I love the vest, again! hehe eww peas? Gross, maybe these would tickle my fancy but the thought of canned peas makes me wanna puke :( ewwwww peas! ha, I'm the same way with flip flops, I will be cute from head to toe, ha, almost, to the ankle until you see that I'm in flip flops. bad habit, can't break it!

  3. Flip flops are a must in so cal. I love that u mixed you vest into a casual outfit:)

  4. @Beauty Evolving... thank u thank u :) i been kind of obsessed with 2 finger rings for the past 6 months lolz

    @Nik... thank you! again ;)... hey, they're not canned... they're bagged by the pound YUMMY! lolz u dont kno wut ur missing :P... yea we should do like a "no flip flops for 30 days" challenge... ummm... maybe in the winter lolz

    @Gabi... they sure are! probably one of the top 3 reasons to live in so cali rite there... and thank u :) thats another reason why i decided not to throw gems on the whole thing... makes it easier to go from day to night and vice versa.

  5. The vest looks great with your outfit! I know a lot of people that can't wear anything other then flip flops too, i personally can't wear them cuz i don't like me feet! hehe But yeah peas, i love those especially when they come in like a variety pack with nuts and stuff, so yummy!