Thursday, March 11, 2010

fun filled day

allooooo everybody! hope everyone had a good day today... i know i did :)

i suppose i'll start off with my very first OOTD, yay! i wish i could've used a better, more unique outfit... but eh... i kind of lost gumption when i got out the shower lolz... it was the first above 70 degree day today in LB in quite some time (don't start about how Californians dont know anything about cold... i kno we don't lolz but if i'm freezing at 60 degrees... then u guys just gotta deal with it *muah*)... so i thought i'd celebrate with one of my new favorite dresses and some boho-ish accesories. i wanted to post a pic of my make-up but i didn't really take a lot of good pictures of my face... i did a really light sparkly eye (sort of in celebration of the Alice in Wonderland movie... but if i had watched the movie first... i woulda done a super dark smoky eye and red lips instead lolz... but i'll get to that soon) a nude glossy lip and some light blush, i'm not really into a lot of heavy make-up so u won't get too many make-up tips/pics/info outta me lolz sorry guys

100% cotton (super comfy) Derek Heart black and white print maxi, 2 finger Love ring, pave peace sign earrings (i have no idea where my mom got me these from lolz), sky blue leather braided charm bracelet, hand made gold and clear glass ring (one of my favorite buys from a random market stand ever!) btw i wore regular black flip flops :)

so me and my cousin went to go see Alice in Wonderland in 3D today... very nice... and very not what i expected... i really only have two things to say 1. it was very very dark but what do u expect from tim burton and 2. i really enjoyed how every scene in the movie wasn't "hey look at us we're doing a THREE DEE MOVIE!" u kno when every scene has to have sumthing flying at u or sticking out or whatever just so they can drill it into ur heads that its 3D... the 3D was very sparse but well done... WHEN done... which is what i really liked... i wish i had had my contacts tho :( i had to wear those dumb glasses over my own glasses! no bueno :(

well after the movie we scarfed down a deliciously early dinner and decided to walk things off with some window shopping at the local plus size boutique and Nordstrom's Rack. Sad to say no real finds at the plus size store (the search for a birthday dress continues!)... a little better luck at the Rack... found this great yellow wide sleeve cable knit sweater that fit me so wonderfully and was uber cute! but was like 60 bucks (and that's discounted lolz) i couldn't bear to take that pain to my wallet (plus i was broke LMAO) so i passed... me and my cousin also tried on these plus size Betsey Johnson negligee trapeze contraptions lolz which suffice it to say did not turn out so great... i mean they looked really cute and open to many possibilities... whilst on the hanger... but it was not to be... i just love how most of her intimates (not the underwear obviously), with a bit of solid lining underneath, make great dresses! i do still like looking at the negligee i just can't get over how unflattering it looked on :(
anywho so we moved on to the shoe section...

and that my friends... is when i fell in love ^____^ 
with these super duper sexy and intense MIA Troy wedges! ughhhhh! <- me ejaculating :P lolz i always love the way my feet look in great shoes but these were just so sexy! and the fact that i felt comfortable in them were just another great plus (check them out here to view them in detail, sorry my pics are in crappy camera phone quality... wow they're actually cheaper there on the Tilly's website than in the store lolz) sad to say i didn't buy them... I know many of u fashionistas out there are probably shaking your heads at me for passing up on such a bargain on something i adore... well the truth is that with the way my life is currently... i wouldn't have very much opportunity to wear them :( i still want them badly tho... so who knows maybe i'll get that pair at Tilly's :) but for now i can just reminisce on how glorious i felt in these ::siiiigh::

so after prying my feet out of those beautiful things me and my cousin went to the tried and true Wal Mart lolz... where i came across a super random find... this really nice kelly green trench coat for........ $11.00! i totally had to scoop that up... i mean it was absolutely no replacement for my babies :'( but i felt good getting something that i was gonna be putting to gud use this rainy spring... the fit is totally great, worth way more than that 11 dollars... my only personal gripe with it is the buttons... i dunno how to explain it... they give it a kind of dated, soccer mom kind of feel... what do u guys think??? they're like regular green buttons with this silver metalic trim on them... i'm really considering changing all the buttons with something different... maybe wood... or faux tortoise... i dunno... i feel like the dark buttons would make it a little edgier... less middle aged mom lolz i dunno... i'd really love some opinions! please :)

well i suppose that is the end to my day... buenos noches world!


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