Sunday, March 28, 2010

puttin the BAD in sabado ;)

lolz that title was corny... but i meant "bad" ina good way :) hung out with one of my most favorite (she'll argue THE favorite) people in zee woooorld, my cousin Charmaine who has been currently taken from me because of tax season... in which she becomes a slave to the Man! lolz... so we got a chance to spend some much needed QT yesterday (she's one of the less than a handful of ppl who really GET me, so i've really missed her ::emo time:: lolz)

anywho... we fulfilled our gluttony quota with some awesome-o Thrifty Ice Cream! yes theres no more Thrifty only Rite Aid but their ice cream is still the same awesomeness with a different label ;)

then we chilled for a bit and watched Old Boy... which is an older Korean film (2003, we looove our asian horror/suspense, even tho i'm not sure if this movie falls in either lolz) thats pretty popular with the Cannes and more underground film crowds... we had heard a lot of talk about it before... so finally scoped it out... and it was... ummm... different lolz... i don't know if i've just been unreceptive to films lately (see my opinion on The Crazies) or maybe most of the ones i've watched just haven't been that great lately lolz anywho... there was a twist that i TOOOOOTALLY enjoyed... like almost to the point where it made up for the movie... but then the ending was just a big WOMP WOMP in a really unsettling way, if that makes sense? basically i didn't love it as much as i... thought i would/ wanted to... but for those of you who like watching new movie concepts and/or foreign films u should check it out.

theeen after that we decided to walk off some of the ice cream/shrimp chips at the Cerritos Mall... where i picked these up at Charlotte Russe... i saw the ring and was in love (following in 2BD's footsteps ;) not exactly tho, i wish lolz) and decided to find something else to get the 2 for $8 deal and picked the big statement bangle, its actually much more golden than in photos.

here's my OOTD btw (courtesy of the gigantic Forever 21 store in Cerritos Mall and their mirrors everywhere lolz)
[purple striped Converse dress from Target $15 on sale... LOVE this dress! totally gonna be a summer '10 favorite]
[brown belt- thrifted]
[brown bag- oldie but goodie]
[brown ankle wrap sandals- Easyfit in LB]
[2 finger Love ring- u should already kno by now lolz, i wear it enough]
[in case u guys are wondering... my constant baubles- green Celtic Pride wristband from my BAE and silver hearts and diamonds ring from my momma]

didn't make any purchases at Forever... it was waaay too scattered in there... stuff all over the place! its like a messier version of the Hollywood store.

grabbed dinner and rented a movie after the mall (we're like a couple huh? lolz) rented the 4th Kind with Milla Jovovich... i liked this one much more than Old Boy... it was freaky and apparently contains REAL footage from real alien abduction victims and instances... i don't know about u guys... but i've always been open for ANYTHING existing out there... who knows... we only know about inches of the hundreds of thousands of miles of the universe... so i figure that's enough to at least believe that other worldly life is possible... anyways... i liked it... pretty intense... and creepy... obviously if ur a skeptic u shouldnt bother with this one lolz

we ended our night with interesting/ridiculous/wonderful conversation lolz as usual... i miss you cuzzzzzz... can't wait til tax season ends lolz



  1. awe. sounds like fun! I love horror movies! Theeee best! Your outfit is cute, love the sandals!

  2. :) Thanks, got the ring actually in Venice when packpacking, for about 10 Euros. That snake rings is really cool also!!! :D

  3. Oh, I love thrifty ice cream or rite aid, it really is the same thing! hehe But yeah your outfit is very cute, looks great with the belt. Oh and the bangle looks very cute!

  4. Cute outfit! That is a sweet ring. :)

  5. love the ring!


  6. love the ring!


  7. I love that ring + your outfit! I've been looking for a brown belt like that for ages, I will find one!