Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i yeaaaarn

i'm yearning :(

for the perfect birthday dress! ugh... i kno its more than a month away... but i really wanna find something special and awesome to wear... funny thing is i probably won't even wear it on my actual birth day because we're going to this wonderfully awesome seafood place where its so messy that they gotta bib you lolz so i'm not even gonna risk a cute outfit in that place... i'll probably wear it for whatever festivities go on on the weekend :)... anywho... so my scouring online has only led to one dress that i really REALLY wanna wear... its at well at least they SHOW it to me there :(... its on one of the models in the Faith 21 spring '10 style guide but is not actually available to buy yet! why oh whyyy faith 21! must you fuck with my head :(
and i think it would look sooo wonderful with my new taupe shoes :( you guys pray that they release this before my b-day!


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