Wednesday, March 24, 2010


okay ladies... i have a question for all of you... when it comes to relationships... how important are telephone skills? not just the skills to call regularly and remember to let you know when he's goin out after work with the boys... but actual phone conversation skills... i wanna know where that places as far as relationship ingredients go... and are there certain circumstances in which they are more important than usual? if he conversates amazingly in person but just doesn't do well when holding a device to his/her ear is that still bad? let me know honeys! i'm interested!



  1. I would totally comment but I am the worst phone person! My husband hates it...I just can't focus when I'm on the phone.

  2. me too GABI! i hate talking on the phone ... so i wont give u advice ... hahaha, im no help!

    much LOVE for u though! xoxo!

  3. so lemme ask u then ladies... do u guys get guff for not being "phone people"? how do you deal with it?