Sunday, March 14, 2010

party and bullshit

-fun night
-i missed my bitches
-i miss my bae! ugh :(

-home again... ready to sleep

here's the OOTD

[white tank (under white v-neck), can't remember]
[white v-neck, walmart]
[lilac and green floral garden skirt, target]
[brown thong ankle wrap sandals, easyfit]
[dark brown faux leather bomber, walmart]
[braided belt, thrifted]
[woven basket clutch, thrifted]
[baubles: gold heart necklace put together from a couple different pieces faux/real gold, lilac heart shaped gem earrings from random beauty supply store, Love 2 finger ring from Claires, large brown stone ring from farmers market]

have to share my new nail color... this cute molly ringwald from the Breakfast Club shade of pink :)... a bunch of the really nice Sally Hansen nail polishes were 75%off the other day... so i scooped up 3 of them (will show later) their stock was pretty dry but lucky for me the ones that were left were these little light floaty pinkish neutrals that i'm really into... especially for spring! so yeah i painted my nails earlier today... and i usually rush through the drying... forcing me to ruin them whilst in the shower or getting ready or whatever... this time i waited like 15-20 minutes... and i think it was worth the wait (or maybe its cuz these are better quality polishes and cost more than a dollar, unlike my usuals! lolz) because they turned out so spiffy and nice YAY

so i'm ready to sleep... or at least stop writing for now... don't forget daylight savings time everyone... stealing another hour from our lives :(



  1. IZA!!! do you know how cute you look with this outfit on? it so ppuurrrdeee ... and lovin the nail color choice! ;-) and yay! i can comment on ure blog now!

  2. aww shucks ^__^ thanks! u kno i felt so out of place at that party too lolz cuz everyone was dressed in their clubbing best (for a baptism party, mind u) and i was dressed for a spring garden party hahaha go figure.

    and thanks for the comments... and being my first official blog buddy! :)